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Lauren McIvor

Writer and Researcher


Tim first told me about his idea for Hülpr back in the summer of 2019. Coincidentally, this was at the same time when I was intensively studying the autism spectrum research, because I wanted to learn how to provide better services for some of my own clients (and I just found it so fascinating)! Even before going to school and formally studying behavioural psychology, I have always been interested in other people’s experiences and, in my personal life, I have tried to be somebody who finds ways to include people who are differently-abled or perhaps have fewer resources than most. In fact, I still spend much of my spare time trying to learn about these issues. When Tim told me about his idea, it just “fit” with my personal philosophy. Hülpr was a concept that I wanted to invest in somehow… and ideas are much easier to put energy into when they’re something you truly believe in and there are other people on board who have the same kind of passion!