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Filling the gap.

Many existing organizations have acknowledged that they have a fractured system, which lacks certain key elements. Many of these organizations are struggling to keep up with these populations’ needs, especially as our healthcare system tackles new challenges from the pandemic.

Hülpr focuses on those gaps by creating a unique care model. At its core, Hülpr values and prioritizes client-centred services, personal autonomy, and dignity for all people. We believe that everyone deserves to experience personal fulfilment, no matter their abilities or circumstances, and that our local and global communities are better for it.

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Contact us to be connected with a care ambassador to discuss your needs and challenges. Whether you need respite, transportation or are struggling with social isolation, we want to help you.

Free client discovery sessions

From initial consultations to ensuring satisfaction long after the service has been provided, the team at Hulpr is here to improve your quality of life through community support, transportation and respite.

  1. Meet with your care ambassador for a client discovery session. 
    They will understand your needs and wants. They will be your main point of contact for all care. They will help you choose the best service provider for you.
  2. Pick your Hülpr. 
    Under the guidance of your care ambassador, pick your Hulpr. Send them a message and set up a meeting.
  3. Schedule Care. 
    Our team is flexible to work around your schedule in order to meet your needs no matter the time or day.
  4. Seamless payment processing. 
    Your care ambassador will assist with processing payments whether that is with your funding partner or out of pocket.

We are here for the clients we serve, and do help give them daily purpose and fulfillment in a dignified way. See some of the client benefits below.

Our clients enjoy:

  • Insurance Coverage

    Hard to obtain enhanced insurance coverage.

  • Flexible Schedule

    We work hard to suit our clients schedule no matter what time they need care.

  • Choice of Care Provider

    Your Care Ambassador will be one of the founders and they will help you vet, choose and interview a number of pre vetted care providers.

  • Administrative Support

    Changes to care, administrative tasks, funding paperwork, and invoicing are all done through your Care Ambassador, not your care provider.

  • Competitive Prices

    Part of providing exceptional care is offering good value. We operate a lean organization because we provide client focussed care.

Contact a Care Ambassador

Please fill out this quick form and one of our esteemed care ambassadors will be in touch.

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