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More than transportation

Our drivers are health care workers.  We can help you check in at the hospital and get to your appointment, help you submit the forms and wait for you in the waiting room.  When leaving the hospital we can help you get settled at home.

We can call you to check in at scheduled times and see that you are ok.  We have developed tools that will help you maintain your independence and privacy while letting us know you are ok without interrupting your daily routine.

Live the way you choose to.

We supply the support you need day to day so that you can continue to remain living in your home the way you choose to, and enjoying life as you have become accustomed to. By supplying the support you need we hope to contribute to your peace of mind and happiness while enjoying a worry free day.

Accessible dialysis transportation

Wheelchair dialysis transportation is our niche because our director is a retired dialysis nurse.
– We go over and above public health guidelines for infection prevention and control.
– Drivers get ongoing oversight and training from nurses.
– Drivers are familiar with hospital check in process and dialysis unit.
– Pickups from home or long term care homes.
– Help getting all the way to the unit and getting comfortable back home.

Transportation to and from scheduled medical appointments

When going to and from medical appointments it’s important to have a familiar driver you can trust. We hire drivers who have spent their careers helping in the community and know that transportation is tied closely to companionship. Give us a call, you will probably get Ken, a retired dialysis nurse who has contributed to the Kingston community for 40 years. Enjoy the safe ride and good conversation.

– Wheelchair accessible transportation
– High frequency medical treatments
– Infrequent medical appointments
– Help getting in and out of the home.
– Quick stops are free of charge.
– Accompaniments available

Seniors having fun and socializing older adults at computer

Aging in place services and technology

We can help you around the house, on the telephone, and we developed tools that will help you stay on your toes while letting us know you’re ok but without interrupting your day!
– What’s the best thing that happened to you today? Schedule telephone wellness checks with daily essential reminders and engaging positive conversations.
– General and age well property maintenance
– House cleaning, lawn mowing, laundry, meal preparation.
– Technical help and tools we made in house to help people remain independent while being entertained.

Safe & reliable help is on the way.

Hülpr understands that all individuals and support networks are unique. Our helpers work with older adults, people with special needs, and their primary caregivers to determine the level of support they require.  Connect with one of our staff and begin creating lasting relationships that benefit your loved ones, support their needs, and encourage independent, dignified living.  You can rely on and trust everyone in our company.

If you enjoy impact driven work and you have skills and experience helping older adults or people with developmental challenges, we want to talk to you!

Hülprs enjoy:

  • Insurance Coverage

    Hard to obtain enhanced insurance coverage.

  • Flexible Schedule

    We have full time and part time staff.

  • Choice of Client

    The best care happens when it's a clear match for both parties.

  • Administrative Support

    A care ambassador is always close by to help support the care you provide.

  • Competitive Pay

    We only bring on great staff and we compensate them well.

Why use Hülpr?

Our goal is to make it easier to provide and find impactful supports in your community that helps vulnerable populations including older adults and people with developmental challenges.


If you need more than a taxi and less than a patient transfer service, we are perfect for you. We have friendly drivers from the health care sector providing private and discreet wheelchair transportation, led by nurses in public health and from the renal unit.

  • Transportation to and from dialysis

    With our director of transportation being a retired dialysis nurse, all of our drivers get training in basic first aid for dialysis.

  • Scheduled medical appointments

    We will get you safely to private medical clinics, hospital clinics, cancer treatments, and even out of town appointments.

  • Infection prevention and control

    Our CEO is a registered nurse in public health and he provides us all with ongoing IPAC training. Our vans are sanitized between drives, masks are mandatory, and drivers sanitize hands between every interaction.

  • Friendly drivers who are familiar

    Behind the wheel we have nurses, PSW’s, behavioural therapists, and other people from noble professions, at your service.

Home care worker

Aging in Place Services

Everyone wants to live at home as long as possible, and we are here to help you do that.

  • Telephone wellness checks

    Engaging, positive conversations containing daily reminders to take medication, turn off the stove, and eat good meals.

  • Help at home

    House cleaning, laundry, help at meal times, assistance during evening and morning routines, and help with hobbies.

  • Property maintenance

    Lawn mowing, gardening, changing lightbulbs, taping down rugs, painting, installing non slips and handles, and making more frequently used items such as pots and pans and dishes more accessible.

  • Aging in place technology

    We have developed three different tools that will help you increase independence and give you something fun and engaging to do.

Our Partners

Check out the amazing organizations we work with to help make communities better places to live.