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At Hulpr, we place dignity and personal autonomy above all else.

An accessible vehicle and wheelchair

Who We Are

A compassionate group of healthcare professionals.

  • Wheelchair Accessible

    With a fleet of safe and comfortable wheelchair accessible vehicles.

  • Scheduled in Advance

    So you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get to where you need to go.

  • Available Anytime

    We work around the clock to serve any set of needs or appointment schedules.

  • Client Focused

    So that your ride feels more like a visit with friends or family than just a trip from A to B.

Home care worker

What We Do

Make your trip feel like more than just a ride.

  • Medical Appointments

    Including going right into the clinic for your appointment, and helping get settled at home afterwards.

  • Hospital Discharges

    From your wheelchair (or ours!), with any stops you need along the way, right to your favourite chair at home.

  • Dialysis Treatments

    From a team trained in dialysis transfers and reliable pickup times after each treatment.

  • Accompaniments

    For anyone who wants a little extra support or assistance during your appointment.

A Company that Cares

We care for others like we do our own family.

Staff who pass the Family Test

So that our service is on par with what we would want for our own family.  

Specially Trained

In areas like first aid, CPR, dialysis post op, defensive driving, and crisis intervention training from our in-house nurses and patient transfer professionals

Communication with Care Teams

Assistance with clinic check-ins and forms, help communicating with care teams, and relaying of information to caregivers.

Infection Prevention and Control

Safe and clean vehicles that are compliant with COVID, IPAC and PPE requirements.


Help and personal support at home to get settled after a long hospital stay.

Helping hand

Help and personal support in waiting rooms and during appointments.

Home care worker
Dignity and Respect

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and the utmost care.

Hulpr Home

Working with industry leaders to develop technology that supports aging in place

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and the utmost care.

Our clients enjoy:

  • Safe and Secure

    Clean and comfortable vans that are fully insured and safety compliant.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    We don’t make the schedule – our clients do. Available at any time to provide care.

  • Social Benefits

    For those who don’t get out much and want some personal stops along the way

  • Customer Service

    Respecting our clients through good communication and caring support.

  • Fair Prices

    Above-and-beyond service without the cost of a patient transfer.

The staff at Hulpr strives to treat its clients as they would treat members of their own family!

- Stephen

Top-drawer professional treatment.

- Rick

They treat you well, like a human being!

- Athena

Overall just amazing! Knowing there are still caring and understanding people out there we can turn to.

- Tracy

Our Partners

Check out the amazing organizations we work with to help make communities better places to live.