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Everyone deserves to experience personal fulfilment.

Work with your care ambassador at Hülpr and create a unique care model to support your needs. At its core, Hülpr values and prioritizes client-centred services, personal autonomy, and dignity for all people. We believe that everyone deserves to experience personal fulfilment, no matter their abilities or circumstances, and that our local and global communities are better for it.

Our Team

Collectively, all of the co-founders at Hülpr have experienced different challenges associated with being a caregiver. Our personal experiences and research have illuminated gaps in current service provider models for two of Canada’s vulnerable populations: older adults and people with developmental challenges.

Sierra Lewis

Behavioural Therapist

Hi, I’m Sierra and I have over 11 years experience providing rehabilitation, education, behavioural and community supports for a wide…

Sugosha Ganju

Research and Technological Development

Hi, I am Sugosha and am currently pursuing my masters at Queen’s University in International Business.

Coming from India, community & culture have always played a very important role in my
upbringing. Growing up, I have been part of multiple social & environmental ventures and It gives me
immense happiness to help others grow.

Ken O’Hara

Transportation & Personal Support

Hi. I’m Ken. I’m a retired nurse with 11 years experience caring for clients and supporting those in need. I am a strong patient advocate and someone who is passionate about providing client care with an emphasis on independence, dignity and respect. I am here to support caregivers and their loved ones and happy to assist with transportation needs.

Robin L. MacNeil

Caregiver and Companion

Hi i’m Robin.  I have served as a Caregiver in Kingston for over 10 years, originally from Kentucky where I was a caregiver for 15+ years. My love for helping people is a calling I have always felt my entire life. I have a love for music, arts & crafts as they have a therapeutic effect in my life. I’m an award winning artist, embroiderer and quilter and I have a great love for music and as a member of small band I play bass guitar. Up until COVID I also ran a karaoke company with my husband.

Elleigha Crosby

Respite and Personal Support

I have always had a huge interest in helping others and giving back to my community. I am more than excited to join the team and delve into learning more about those with special needs and providing quality care.

Tim O’Hara

Co-founder and CEO

The idea of Hulpr was born from my experience with the gaps in the current health system. I was motivated to create a more innovative method for finding passionate service providers and connecting them with caregivers and clients.

Jonathan Ladha

Co-founder and COO + Certified Professional Consultant on Aging® (2020-2021)

Why does it seem like older adults and people with developmental challenges have to take part in a parallel society…

Lauren McIvor

Co-Founder & CAO

I was intensively studying the autism spectrum research because I wanted to learn how to provide better services for some of my own clients. Tim told me about his idea for Hülpr and I just found it so fascinating!

Dr. Yolanda Fernandez


With over 20 years experience dealing with vulnerable sector populations, I feel confident and proud to be assisting with this initiative.
I’m passionate about inclusiveness and…

We are on a mission.

Older adults, often referred to as our greatest generation, want to maintain their independence. Most do not want to be “cared for” in a traditional sense, nor do they want to move to long-term care facilities if they don’t have to. We help them more like a caring neighbour in their community, rather than being just another name on an appointment slip. One way that we do this is by hiring local and recently retired people from noble professions (e.g., nurses, first responders) who are passionate about helping others. Hiring people with these backgrounds and in this age bracket helps to foster deeper feelings of connectedness and trust.

We are also on a mission to help people with developmental challenges participate more fully in their community and gain employment, while providing respite support to their primary caregivers. One way we are doing this is by engaging corporate partners in offering specialized on-the-job training to clients with developmental challenges. Through this program, both clients and corporate partners benefit: clients build skills to become career-ready and ultimately find gainful employment, while corporate partners secure dependable employees and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

Our longer-term vision is to develop and operate specially designed communities for these groups to live and thrive in; places where all are welcome and encouraged to reach their greatest potential. Whether this means operating businesses or just enjoying leisure time, our goal is to build a society in which people from vulnerable populations are actively contributing, and not just existing parallel to it.