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Kat MacIsaac, PSW

PSW & Client/Patient Support Manager

Kat has been a PSW for 18 years and has worked in both home care and long term care. She…

Ken O’Hara, Retired Dialysis Nurse

Transportation & Personal Support

Hi. I’m Ken. I’m a retired nurse with 11 years experience caring for clients and supporting those in need. I am a strong patient advocate and someone who is passionate about providing client care with an emphasis on independence, dignity and respect. I am here to support caregivers and their loved ones and happy to assist with transportation needs.

Katie Rybka, PSW

Driver, Accompaniment, PSW, Professional House Cleaner

Katie told us once that there is nothing greater than helping people in need. And she definitely walks the walk!…

Frank Menard

Driver and Accompaniment

Hello my name is Frank Menard and I am so happy and pleased to join this very special team. I…

Logan Gauweiler

Stretcher Transfer Trainer

Logan trained as a firefighter and rescue diver, used to hold an EMR certificate, and had been working in the…

Sarah Harvey

Acute Neurology Registered Nurse & Hulpr

Hi my name is Sarah, I am an acute neurology Registered Nurse and also work casually on a brain and spinal…

Kim Turner

Driver and Accompaniment

Kim has 40 years of experience working in the service and hospitality industry. After taking care of her 3 children…

Sarah Pyke

Retired Nurse and PSW

Hi there! My name is Sarah. I am so pleased to be a part of the Hulpr family/team. I have…

David Guindon

Stretcher & Wheelchair Transfers

Hello my name is David Guindon. I have been in the healthcare industry for many years having done patient transfer…

Sophia Gillies

Paramedic Student

Hi, I’m Sophia. I am a second year paramedic student. I started working at Hulpr because I enjoy helping people…

Jesselyn Hale

4th year Nursing Student & Hulpr

Hi there! I’m Jesselyn and I’m a fourth year bachelor’s nursing student with Laurentian University/St. Lawrence College. I’m born and…

Steve Tracey

Driver & Accompaniment

Hi, I am Steve and I have called the Kingston area home for over twenty-five years. I originated from St.…

Greg Bauder

Patient Flow and Satisfaction

I’m a born and raised Kingstonian who knows this community inside and out. I spent many years in customer service…

Sierra Lewis

Driver, Accompaniment, & Behavioural Therapist

Hi, I’m Sierra and I have over 11 years experience providing rehabilitation, education, behavioural and community supports for a wide…

Eric Farrelly

Retired Nurse & Trainer

Meet Eric, a compassionate and experienced retired nurse with a passion for serving others.  Throughout his career in healthcare, Eric…

Brett Goodwin, RN

Driver and Accompaniment

Brett has been a Kingstonian for over 40 years. Went to local high school and the army reserve regiment. Brett…

Larry Shorts

Driver & Accompaniment

I am a retired Superintendent from the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General. I worked in a Maximum Security Detention…

Richard Cohen

Driver, Accompaniment

Richard originally found out about Hulpr because he was looking for a transfer service like ours. His awareness of the…

Tiarrah Woodman

Patient Transfer Professional

After working at the funeral home for a year I joined a different transfer company in Kingston in 2022. I…

Peter Landry

Driver and Accompaniment

Peter comes to us bringing extensive knowledge in customer service, professional driving and patient transportation due to his years in…

Grant Flegal

Driver & Accompaniment

Grant retired from Corrections Canada after 32 years of dedicated service. He’s a big believer in giving above-and-beyond service to…

Amy Maas-Stevens

Operations and Scheduling

Capt (ret’d) Amy Maas-Stevens joined up with Hulpr to make a difference in the lives of individuals in our community,…

Mike Campbell

Retired Paramedic & Trainer

Mike,  Between EMS and non urgent Patient Transfer I have 17 years experience as a first responder and as a…

Reid Cunningham

Patient Transfer Professional

After spending 10+ years playing in bands in the Kingston music scene and spending a few years working in advertising…

Ben Anderson

Finance & Systems

Ben is our in-house finance and systems guy. He has a passion for organization (if that’s even a thing), and…

Tim O’Hara, RN

Co-founder and CEO

The idea of Hulpr was born from my experience with the gaps in the current health system. I was motivated to create a more innovative method for finding passionate service providers and connecting them with caregivers and clients.

Robin Gillies

Client and Patient Flow Manager

Robin is our Patient & Client Flow Manager, managing all our scheduling and getting to meet all our new clients…

Jonathan Ladha

Co-Owner & Operator, CPCA®

I am a hospitable Newfoundlander and a people pleaser, so I get my thrills from being appreciated by the people…

Lauren McIvor

Writer and Researcher

I was intensively studying the autism spectrum research because I wanted to learn how to provide better services for some of my own clients. Tim told me about his idea for Hülpr and I just found it so fascinating!

Dr. Yolanda Fernandez


With over 20 years experience dealing with vulnerable sector populations, I feel confident and proud to be assisting with this initiative.
I’m passionate about inclusiveness and…