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Jonathan Ladha

Certified Professional Consultant on Aging® (2020-2021)

Why does it seem like older adults and people with developmental challenges have to take part in a parallel society to the rest of us? Why is helping people in your community called volunteering or charity? It isn’t called that when you help your loved one or your neighbour. These are questions I often wondered, but never took action on them until I met a small group of nurses and psychologists in Kingston. Together we co-founded a social enterprise that is tackling some big societal issues and helping Canada’s fastest growing population, often referred to as the greatest generation, live in their primary homes for longer and with dignity. Additionally, we are helping people with developmental challenges actively contribute to their communities and participate in employment, while providing respite support to their primary caregivers. We are going to have a huge positive impact on these individuals and societal issues. Truthfully, I had to do some soul searching to find out if I am an “impact driven” person and cut out to tackle these challenges. That search did not last very long because all I had to do was think about the time I felt most successful in business – it was when I did such a good job that my client was compelled to tell others about how I positively impacted them. I am totally an impact driven person, and social impact is good for business especially in the fastest growing segment of the healthcare industry, home care.