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Tim O’Hara, RN


9 years ago, I had a stable job as the manager of a hospital and healthcare centre, I was happily married with a newborn and 3-year-old, and my parents were healthy and independent. In the span of 6 months my employer announced the closing of my place of work where I had been a nurse for 18 years, my marriage dissolved and I became a single father and my parents suffered serious health issues that left me as their primary caregiver.

Life can change in the blink of an eye and my priorities, finances and free-time took a serious shift.

Navigating my way through those challenges and seeking help to manage commitments exposed me to some gaps in the current health system and left me feeling vulnerable and isolated. I knew there had to be a better system to help caregivers get connected to safe, reliable supports that were better suited with the clients’ needs and vetted to give peace of mind to everyone involved.

The idea of Hulpr was born from that experience and I was motivated to create a more innovative method for finding passionate service providers and connecting them with caregivers and clients.

I have partnered with an incredible team of people who share this vision and together we are creating an innovative system to help older adults, the developmentally challenged and the caregivers assisting their needs.