Accessible Activities in the Kingston Area

Let’s Have Some Fun! Accessible Activities in the Kingston Area – written by Sierra Lewis


 Did you know that the City of Kingston and surrounding areas have been putting more focus and work into providing activities that are accessible to everyone? We have compiled a list of these activities in hopes that you and your loved ones can enjoy some time exploring and enjoying your interests.




1000 Islands Cruises


The 1000 Island Cruises Company offers a few different programs for sightseeing. They are one to three hours in duration, and the longer ones provide lunch or dinner and live performances. All of their vessels provide full accessibility on the first deck and are equipped with a 30 inch wheelchair ramp. Enjoy seeing breathtaking views of the world-famous Thousand Islands and excellent service from the friendly staff. For booking, availability, prices and more information, visit or call 613-549-5544 to speak to one of their representatives.


The Screening Room


The Screening Room Theater offers a smaller selection of independent and unique films in a traditional cinema setting and is fully accessible. For program lists and showtimes, visit or call 613-542-6080.




Trolley Tours


Kingston has attracted visitors from all over the world for the wealth of early 19th century architecture and its  role in the history of early Canada. The city tour invites people to learn and experience this with Trolley Tours and guided walks. Choose from a circuit tour that includes stops at popular landmarks and museums, or a hop on/hop off tour that allows more time for exploration. For more information and booking, visit or call 1-800-848-0011.




There are many different types of museums to explore in the area, some well known and others less. 


This year, the UNESCO Heritage Site Fort Henry is bringing Fort Fright back to Kingston. The walkways are maintained but may be easier to navigate with All-Terrain wheelchairs, which they are happy to provide.


 All museums surrounding Kingston are either fully or mostly accessible and cared for by staff members and volunteers who are happy to accommodate every visitor. You can find more information and a list of the museums in the area at


Outdoor and Moving Activities


The Snodgrass Arboretum 


Located on the Queen’s University campus, this attraction invites visitors to view many unique species of trees. It is open throughout the week from dawn until dusk and is free of charge.

Joseph Dominik Sensory Garden


The Joseph Dominik Sensory Garden is located on the grounds around the Ongwanada Resource Center on Portsmouth Avenue. The wide array of plants and artistic installations are designed to offer visitors a unique experience of visual, aromatic, and kinesthetic amusement. 


Artillery Park


Exercise is essential and recreational activity is an important part of life. Artillery Park is equipped with a fully accessible change room and swimming pool ramp, and they have staff available for assistance. Swim passes can be purchased at Artillery Park or online at